Demand and Capacity Optimisation for U-Space

Keep the Balance In Drone Traffic

Unmanned aerial vehicles are on the verge of disrupting urban traffic as we know it. For safe and efficient operations on a daily basis, future drone ecosystems will need mechanisms to level demand and capacity. That’s why we explore next generation balancing processes for the very low level airspace.

Our Activities

The DCB Process

DACUS aims at the development of a service-oriented Demand and Capacity Balancing (DCB) process for drone traffic management.


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News & Media Appearances

First DACUS newsletter published


We are pleased to announce the release of our first newsletter covering the activities around the social impact of drones operating in the low-level airspace. With this we want to address in our solutions possible negative impacts of drone operations on the society. Take me to the Newsletter Section.

DACUS DCB High Level Overview

First Official Deliverable published


We are pleased to announce the approval and publication of DACUS first deliverable - D1.1 Drone DCB concept and process. Awarded with an excellent review, this document will serve as a foundation for our future research as well as a guidance to the sibling projects and the ICAO UAS-AG. Take me to the Download Section.

Municipality Survey on URBAN DRONE OPERATIONS


Today we launched our first exploratory survey. The goal is to incorporate the views and expactations of city authorities on regulations and constraints for drone operations. Therefore, the questionnaire is provided to the members of the EIP-SCC. You are welcome to join the survey.

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