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Workshops and other Events

participation in world atm congress



Together with representatives from other SESAR JU research
projects AMULED, BUBBLES and USEPE, our project coordinator Pablo
Sánchez-Escalonilla discussed the challenges of Advanced U-space
Services and Concepts in Urban Environments at the World ATM Congress

Date: 27. October 2021

Location: World ATM Congress 2021, Madrid

Type: Panel Discussion 

DCB consultation body meeting

We held our second consultation body meeting with key U-space
stakeholders and experts to exchange views on the research challenges
of demand & capacity balancing for drone operations. The provided
feedback will now flow into the upcoming experiments.

Date: 14. October 2021

Location: Online 

Type: Internal Meeting

Workshop on
the DCB Process

This time we gather our project partners to discuss the content and processes lined out in our Demand and Capacity Balancing Storyboard. We look forward to publish results on this very soon!

Date: 18. November 2020

Location: Online 

Type: Internal Meeting

1st Workshop on Influence Factors

Photo by Kvalifik on Unsplash

The Influence Factors to assess demand and capacity volumes are one of the key principles of the DACUS approach. In this first workshop we gather over 20 experts together to discuss the impact of weather, noise, population density and many more on digital whiteboards. Stay tuned for the results!

Date: 14. October 2020

Location: Online 

Type: Internal Meeting

DACUS Project Kickoff

In our first official meeting we will come together with the represantives of our funding partner SESAR Joint Undertaking and all consortium members to celebrate the start of DACUS. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 restrictions in most companies and member states, we are forced to shift the meeting to an online platform. Stay healthy!

Date: 13. July 2020

Location: Online 

Type: Internal Meeting