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RA-3 UAV Business Models in Urban Environments



Two key enablers for the U-space demand & capacity balancing process in urban environments are the quantification of the expected UAV traffic volumes and the characteristics of this traffic. But, current traffic observations are not sufficient to represent the entire diversity of possible use cases; nor it is adequate to design airspace rules and measures without taking into account the requirements of its future users. Therefore, the contact to providers of urban UAV business cases is of upmost importance. This way it is ensured that first-hand information on operational characteristics of each business cases, all external factors that can affect the likelihood of a each operational type, and feedback to the U-space demand & capacity balancing process is incorporated at all stages of the project. At the same time stakeholders are in the loop and aware of the results that will enrich the U-space as a whole.

RFC 3 Business Cases Areas


The goal is to set up a dedicated Research Area alongside the DACUS project, which works on the detailed description of urban UAV business cases. Of upmost interest are all kinds of factors that affect the likelihood of a certain operation type. For instance, demand on surveillance, inspection or transportation services. These could be factors that help to quantify a regional business need, as for example population density, or limiting factors like weather conditions. Furthermore, the operational details of the UAV flight itself are relevant. How long does the actual flight preparation take? How long in advance are missions requested by the customers? These information will support the DACUS project to further detail the concepts and scenarios that lead to an advanced demand and capacity optimisation for U-space. In a second phase an exchange of ideas and concepts will allow to foster an iterative development process. 

Identified Business Cases in urban Environments

To guarantee a full representation of the future urban air scenery, an initial study identified key operation types that are to be expected today or in the near future. 


Emergency Services, Traffic, Construction, Private Security Services, Meteorology, Environment Monitoring,
Aerial Mapping & Photography, Media & Entertainment


Medical Transport,
e-Commerce, Industrial & Corporate Transport, Air Ambulance, Public & Private Transport


Infrastructure, Facades,
Energy (Solar, Power Lines etc.), Telecom / Cell Towers, Insurance, Real Estate, Urban Tree Inventories, Media & Entertainment

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